The City View ISD Board of Trustees is aware that four current employees voluntarily submitted to the Sheriff’s Department this morning for arrest and processing, related to an offense that allegedly took place approximately five years ago. These employees should be released by early afternoon today.  As is required by Texas law, these arrests will be reported to the Texas Education Agency within seven school business days from today.
After their release, the employees will be taking personal leave for the next few days and will not be at the District. The Board of Trustees has a regularly scheduled meeting set for Monday, February 13, 2023. At that meeting, a discussion regarding these arrests will be added to the agenda, at which time the Board will discuss and determine how best to move forward.
In the meantime, each of the school district campuses and departments are led by capable and qualified leaders who will continue to manage and lead their areas, as they would during any time an administrator might take leave or vacation. Similarly, all our sports teams are coached by great coaches who will continue to lead their teams in practices and competitions.
We want to assure our parents and staff members that we will fully consider and address this situation at our scheduled Board meeting on Monday night. The Board takes these allegations and arrests very seriously.  However, we also want our parents and staff members to know that these arrests were based on alleged offenses that occurred at least five years ago. At this point in time, the District is not aware of any facts that would support the allegations against these individuals.  Further, we are not aware of any allegations of recent offenses by any of our employees. We look forward to having more information and a full discussion Monday night at our meeting.